The 6 Great Financial Gifts For Kids This Christmas

Aug 08, 2022 By Susan Kelly


A financial gift is a possession that is given to assist a person. Rich people's financial contributions are an excellent method to help their children, grandchildren, and other family members and friends who live in various states (or even different countries). Consider the best form of the present by having a long-lasting impact on the beneficiary to ensure the financial gift will last for a long time.

As a result, parents are preparing to give their kids something unique and worthwhile on this holiday. Many kids today are drawn to materialistic objects like laptops, cell phones, video games, and other devices. This can make them intelligent and tech-savvy, but they cannot understand the concept of setting money aside to save for the future. Teaching kids about money and using it responsibly is an integral part of the education process.

Piggy Banks and Acorns

The application and its "round-ups" feature come highly recommended by savage for young adults or adults in their twenties. will round up a child's purchase using a credit card or debit card to the nearest dollar amount. When the extra money reaches $5, acorns invests it in an ETF with diversified funds that the child can use.

Financial Board Games and Books

It is easy to find basic financial books with illustrations and examples designed for children. The books introduce children to managing money, savings, investments, etc. The language used will be clear and straightforward for children to comprehend. From kindergarten to high school, these books on financial literacy provide age-appropriate lessons that will equip your children with financial management skills that last for a lifetime.

Children can also be introduced to some games on the board that involve money like monopoly, the game of life (similar to monopoly), as well as cash flows (inspired by Robert Kiyosaki's rich dad, poor dad it helps you be more efficient with your money) and payday (teaches how to handle budgets for the month) and so on. If your child is a teenager, they will appreciate the lessons and values you've taught them.

Baby Funds

The ideal present for new parents is to set up an account in a savings account that will hold money in a bank to cover the child's future needs. The baby fund functions as a savings account that is earmarked to cover baby-related costs as soon as the baby arrives. It permits you to contribute funds towards the costs of the child in an investment plan. This kind of account is financial security for parents who want to avoid getting into debt to invest in supporting their new baby.

The Old-School Abacus

Abacuses are a fantastic method for children to experience counting and performing basic math. The abacus, you've probably heard of, is the earliest kind of calculator. The ancient societies utilized these devices to help facilitate trade. You can make use of one to teach your children to count. The classic wooden abacus made by melissa and Doug is priced at $12.74 through amazon. Although it's not a classic Chinese or Japanese abacus, it can assist you in counting to 10 billion if you count each row as a multiplier of 10. For example, the initial row of beads counts as one for each, and the second row is 10 each.

529 Plans - Best Investment

529 plans received a brand new appearance following tax reforms several years ago. In the past, you could only utilize the funds from the accounts to pay for eligible tuition costs for colleges. The tax reform law has expanded the scope of eligible expenses to include all qualified educational expenses, which translates to elementary school and post-secondary education. In this new version, you can now use 529 plans to pay tuition costs for your child or grandchild attending an accredited private school and purchase books and other equipment for college later (up to $10,000 per year for elementary and secondary tuition). The money you put into 529 plans is tax-free throughout the years of investments within the plan.

Money Jars

Although piggy banks can be an ideal first savings tool for children, older children can master specific strategies for saving. At around seven, it's the ideal time to start instructing your child on how to save money for his goals. Utilizing mason jars to represent each goal can help encourage good savings habits. Buy several mason jars and then write a plan on each one. You might want to start with three jars. Label these jars "spend," "save," and "give."


If you're looking to spice your holiday gift this year, you might want to consider an investment-related gift rather than the typical stocking gift. Financial gifts can help children learn about investing and enjoy savings through firsthand experiences with bonds or stocks. Savings bonds and 529 account contributions giving stocks and shares, and an envelope filled with cash are all good ideas to give financial presents.

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